SCSO Partner Program

Your Customizable Education Solution

Fully Accredited K-12 Education

With SCSO your students can attend any college/university in the USA and be eligible to play all college level sports.

Fully Customizable


Whether you are looking for a 100% online solution or a blend of online and in person instruction at one of our learning centers, SCSO gives you and your students the freedom to choose where and how they learn. Gone are the days of cookie cutter education. With SCSO, you can customize every aspect of the program to fit the individual needs of each and every student.


Adult Learning

Not only does SCSO provide education for K-12 students, we also provide a variety of adult learning opportunities from on the job training, professional development, to remedial education.


Potential Partners


With the fully customizable nature of SCSO, we pride ourselves on finding an education solution for any organization. Below is just an example list of who we would be an ideal fit for:

  • Private and Public Schools
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Sports Teams/Athletes (Clubs, Facilities, Semi-Pro, and Professional)
  • Homeschool organizations
  • Amateur and Professional Gamers
  • Workforce and Economic Development Partnerships
  • And many more

Are you a business/group that is interested in providing education services to your members? We work with businesses in all markets and partner with you to provide your students/members access to education while ensuring you and your company/organization are compensated accordingly.


Support Services & Consulting

Not everyone needs the whole package of what we have to offer but they may just need a specific service. We pride ourselves on being a total education solution and as such if you need anything related to the list below, we can help. 

  • Teachers
  • Curriculum
  • LMS and SIS solutions
  • Learning Centers
  • Online Programs
  • Accreditations
  • Consulting
  • Back office support
  • ·And much more

Partner With SCSO

We are your customizable education solution and we are here to help.