Spanish III – 1 Year


Length: 1 year


In Spanish III, students build upon the skills and knowledge they acquired in Spanish I and II. The course presents new vocabulary and grammatical concepts in context while providing students with ample opportunities to review and expand upon the material they have learned previously. Students read and listen to authentic materials from newspapers, magazines, and television. The content is focused on contemporary and relevant topics such as urbanization and population growth in Latin American countries, global health concerns, jobs of the future, and scientific advancements. The materials engage students as they improve their command of Spanish. Students review the formation and use of regular and irregular verbs in the present and future tenses, as well as the use of reflexive particles and infinitives. They also expand their understanding of noun and adjective agreement, the comparative and superlative degree of adjectives, and the placement and use of direct and indirect objects and pronouns. Students expand their vocabulary through exposure to word roots and families, popular slang, the correct use of words that are often confused for one another, and review of concepts such as proper placement of accents and stress.