About Southlands Christian Schools Online

Mission Statement: 

SCSO provides a flexible, accessible, and affordable fully accredited online K-12 education committed to foster students in excellence and integrity in order to lead and impact society by fulfilling their destinies for the glory of God.

Christian Worldview:

SCSO provides an excellent education for your child and while we take great pride in that, that is secondary to our commitment to educating your children in a Christian worldview that will expand the Kingdom of God for His glory. We owe our existence as an institution to God’s eternal grace and we are blessed to have the opportunity to impart but a fraction of God’s love to every student we teach.

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Expected School-wide Learning Results

Critical Thinking

● Creates solutions to complex problems
● Obtains relevant information to come to well-reasoned solutions
● Analyzes problems and creates relevant conclusions
● Articulates a belief and engages in reasonable discussion


● Embodies Biblical truth and morality
● Demonstrates empathy for others
● Understands the responsibilities of God-given talents
● Demonstrates perseverance and resilience


● Formulates ethical decisions in the real and digital world
● Edifies others


● Listens in order to understand and respond appropriately

● Strives to understand another point of view

● Seeks input from other participants

● Contributes equitably to the completion of a shared goal


● Produces original products using the resources God has given
● Demonstrates knowledge and values through various mediums
● Expresses oneself in authentic and innovative ways