Online/Home School


Our Mission

SCSO provides a flexible, accessible, and affordable fully certified online K-12 education committed to foster students in excellence and integrity in order to lead and impact society by fulfilling their destinies for the glory of God.

About Us

Southlands Christian Schools Online is a fully online, fully certified (UC Approved), Christian online school/home school program. We offer part-time and full-time programs for K-12th grades that are taught from a Christian worldview by highly qualified teachers and all students are eligible to apply for/receive financial aid from every college and university in the United States.

College Approved

College Approved
  • Comprehensive courses that meet all A-G requirements.
  • All students upon graduation are eligible to apply to and receive scholarships from universities like Yale, UC Berkeley, Harvard, and UCLA.

Fully Certified

Fully Accredited

All of our teachers are credentialed and certified in our dynamic, interactive, and engaging online K-12 curriculum.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Christian: All teachers are devout God fearing Christians with a passion for education.
  • Credentialed: All teachers have received their teaching credentials for the courses they teach.
  • Support: In addition to teaching, all teachers monitor student progress and provide one-on-one instruction if needed.


  • Family Oriented: Build a schedule that works for your student and your family.
  • Individualized Courses: All courses are built around your students individual academic plan/goals.
  • Rolling Enrollment: Students can begin class at any time and receive full credit.


  • Tuition: Our courses have been priced for homeschool parents by homeschool parents.
  • Online Only Options: All courses can be taught in a fully online classroom environment with no in-person tests required.
  • Blended Options: If you prefer a mix of in-person and online schooling we have partnered with locations all over the USA to provide your students a place to learn complete with everything they need to succeed in school.
  • All Books Included: All textbooks are provided through our online program so no expensive textbooks required.


  • Communication: All instructors are available Monday through Friday for questions from parents or students.
  • Services: Southlands Christian Schools Online is dedicated to learning and faith and we offer a wide range of options for your student to expand their mind and faith.
  • Counseling: All parents/students are provided with a counselor who ensures your student stays on track for graduation.
  • College Prep: All high school students are provided with a college counselor who assists them with the application process and works with them to find the right school for them.

K-12 Certified

Grades K-12

Our online K-12 curriculum is taught by credentialed and certified educators in their field of study. Our K-12 curriculum is guaranteed in its quality and rigor building students' 21st-century skills through common core standards.